Wrinkles & Fines Lines
Causes and treatment

Wrinkles result from decreased collagen and elastin production as skin ages, leading to reduced firmness and elasticity. Factors such as repeated facial expressions and environmental exposures contribute to their formation. Dr Bravis offers advanced skin treatments and medical-grade skincare designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Symptoms and causes

Wrinkles vary, including fine lines, crow’s feet, smokers’ lines, and crepey skin, each influenced by distinct factors such as sun exposure, genetics, and lifestyle choices. Wrinkles manifest as deep creases, folds, or ridges on the skin, particularly in areas prone to repeated facial movements.

How we treat fine lines and wrinkles in Thames Ditton

Treatment options depend on area and severity:

When to seek treatment?

At Thames, we offer personalised anti-wrinkle treatments, including scientifically formulated skincare. With over 20 years experience, Dr Bravis provides tailored treatment plans to address your ageing concerns effectively.
Founder and Principal Dentist, Dr Theodora Bravis, smiling in her clinic room at Thames Dental & Skin, in Thames Ditton, Surrey

Frequently Asked Questions

How do wrinkles develop?

    • Ageing leads to reduced production of collagen and elastin, essential proteins for maintaining skin firmness and elasticity.
    • Repetitive movements such as smiling, squinting, or frowning can contribute to the formation of wrinkles over time.
    • UV radiation from sunlight damages skin cells and accelerates collagen breakdown, leading to premature ageing and wrinkle formation.
    • Tobacco smoke contains toxins that damage collagen and elastin fibres, contributing to the development of wrinkles, particularly around the mouth.
    • Genetic factors influence the rate at which collagen and elastin degrade, affecting an individual’s susceptibility to wrinkles.
    • Poor nutrition, inadequate hydration, and lack of skincare can exacerbate the appearance of wrinkles.

Pollution, harsh weather conditions, and exposure to environmental pollutants can accelerate skin ageing and wrinkle formation.

Can wrinkles be prevented?

While wrinkles are a natural part of ageing, certain preventive measures like using sunscreen, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, avoiding smoking, and following a consistent skincare routine can help minimise their appearance.

Are there any home remedies for reducing wrinkles?

Some home remedies, such as applying moisturisers, using retinol-based creams, staying hydrated, and practising facial exercises, may help improve the appearance of wrinkles to some extent. However, for significant results, professional treatments are often necessary.

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