Children's Dentistry in Thames Ditton

While we focus on education and prevention, we understand that children may sometimes need additional dental care. Our services include:

✓ Routine check-ups, cleaning, and preventative treatments

✓ Assessing alignment, bite, and providing restorative treatments

Advice on brushing, flossing, and healthy eating habits.

What to expect from our Healthy Smile Academy

Just like teaching a child to tie their shoes or ride a bike, introducing them to good oral hygiene is a fundamental skill that sets them up for success. By making brushing and flossing a fun part of their daily routine, you’re not only warding off cavities but also nurturing their confidence with every healthy smile they share. We believe that teaching children about oral health should be as captivating as their favourite game, encouraging a love for healthy habits from the start. With a strong focus on family, we provide parents with the tools and knowledge to reinforce these valuable lessons at home.

A little boy undergoes a gentle dental examination at Thames Dental & Skin Clinic in Thames Ditton, Surrey, by Dr Theodora Bravis, highlighting the clinic's focus on providing comfortable and comprehensive dental care for children.

What will you and your littles ones learn

Effective brushing and flossing techniques

Learn the best methods for removing plaque and maintaining clean teeth and gums.

Nutritional guidance

Understand how diet impacts oral health and learn to make teeth-friendly food choices.

Cavity prevention

Gain knowledge about how to prevent cavities through proper oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups.

Gum care

Learn the importance of gum health and how to keep gums strong and healthy

The Crucial Role of Parents

From the earliest days, your approach to dental care sets the foundation for your child’s attitude towards oral hygiene, dietary choices, and regular dental visits. That’s why our program covers essential topics to ensure your child builds a strong foundation of dental care, and you, as a parent, feel empowered to continue this education at home. We’ll explore establishing a daily brushing and flossing routine as a fun family activity, making nutritious dietary choices to promote dental health, and ways to engage your child in learning about oral hygiene.

A young girl receives personalised attention and education on proper oral hygiene techniques from Dr Theodora Bravis, a skilled dentist at Thames Dental & Skin Clinic in Thames Ditton, Surrey, emphasising the clinic's commitment to promoting lifelong dental health in children.

Why Dr Bravis is the Right Choice for Your Child's Oral Health

As a parent herself, Dr Bravis understands firsthand the importance of establishing good oral hygiene and dental care from an early age. With her extensive experience and specialised training in paediatric dentistry, she has become a trusted name in Surrey for family dental care. Her gentle approach, deep commitment to education, and personal insight as a mother make her the ideal choice for guiding your child’s dental journey.

Dr Theodora Bravis, principal dentist and founder of Thames Dental & Skin Clinic in Thames Ditton, Surrey, smiling confidently at the camera, showcasing her expertise in providing high-quality dental care and facial aesthetic treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we make it fun for your children?

We infuse fun into oral health education with games, songs, and interactive tools that turn dental care into an adventure. By transforming routine tasks like the two-minute brushing challenge into a playful activity, we engage children’s enthusiasm and curiosity. Interactive demonstrations empower them with the skills to take charge of their oral health confidently. Celebrating each accomplishment reinforces these habits with positive feedback. Our engaging approach is designed to cultivate a lifelong positive attitude towards oral health, ensuring every session is both beneficial and enjoyable for your child.

What age group is the Healthy Smile Academy for?

Our academy welcomes children of all ages, from toddlers to teens, tailoring the experience to suit each developmental stage.

Are parents involved in the learning process?

Absolutely! We encourage parents to be a part of the journey, offering workshops and resources to support your child’s oral health education at home.

What makes Healthy Smile Academy different?

Our academy combines the expertise of Dr Bravis with fun, interactive, and child-centric methods to make oral health education something children look forward to.

How often are academy sessions?

We offer a variety of session timings to fit into your family’s busy schedule. Contact us for more details on the frequency and scheduling of sessions.

Ready to book your kids in for a check-up?

Simply call us on 020 8398 9466 or email us at [email protected] and we'll guide you through the enrolment process. Alternatively, you can enquire online by clicking the button below.

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