Nucleofil Eyes Treatment

Nucleofil Eyes Treatment in Thames Ditton is precisely formulated for the delicate eye area, targeting under-eye puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles, and volume loss.

From: £350

✓ Banish dark circles and puffiness

✓ Deep hydration for a refreshed appearance

✓ ​​Smooth away fine lines and wrinkles around eyes

Say goodbye to unwanted dark circles and puffiness under your eyes


  • Individuals experiencing under-eye bags, puffiness, or hollow tear troughs.
  • Those seeking effective solutions for signs of ageing around the eyes.
  • Men or women looking for safe and natural rejuvenation options for the delicate eye area.

What is Nucleofil Eyes treatment?

Anyone suffering from under-eye bags knows how hard it is to find an effective treatment. Bags under the eye or hollow tear troughs can make us look tired or older. Since this is an extremely delicate area, it tends to age quickly compared to the rest of the face. Nucleofil Eyes treatment is precisely formulated for use in the delicate periocular area and helps address under-eye puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles, and even volume loss. It contains highly purified polynucleotides of natural origin, which makes it so effective.

Dr Theodora Bravis consulting with a patient about Polynucleotides treatment at Thames Dental and Skin in Thames Ditton in Surrey

What will this treatment do for my skin?

Targeted Eye Area Rejuvenation

Nucleofil Eyes Treatment precisely targets under-eye puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles, and volume loss, rejuvenating the delicate periocular area for a refreshed, youthful appearance.

Natural, Long-Lasting Results

By stimulating collagen production and tissue regeneration, this treatment provides natural-looking, long-lasting improvements to the eye area without the need for synthetic fillers.

Comprehensive Eye Area Renewal

Nucleofil Eyes Treatment offers a multi-faceted approach to eye area rejuvenation, combining lifting, antioxidation, and deep hydration to address various signs of ageing comprehensively.

How does it work?

Nucleofil eyes innovative treatment works on three levels: lifting, antioxidation and hydration. There are two key actions at the cellular level, which give the effect of visible and long-lasting rejuvenation. The first course of action is stimulation of the receptors on fibroblasts in the skin. Due to such stimulation, they transform into myofibroblasts. The process of the production of type I collagen and elastin is stimulated, which causes the skin to thicken and lift. The second mechanism is the removal of free radicals and antioxidant activity. Polynucleotides bind water and ensure long-term iso-osmotic hydration of the extracellular matrix, as a result, the skin becomes moisturised and firm.

Treatment overview

Procedure Time

30 minutes


Minimal, mild bruising

Treatment Cost

From £350


Maintain every 6 months

No. Of Sessions

2-3 sessions



Our expertise

Dr Bravis, a distinguished skin expert and prosthodontist with a wealth of experience on Harley Street, spearheads our team at Thames. Each patient’s journey begins with a comprehensive skin consultation, which includes:

  • One-on-one time with Dr Bravis to answer all your questions
  • Personalised treatment plan aligned to your desired outcomes
  • Skincare audit and bespoke plan advising on medical-grade skincare products
Dr Theodora Bravis, principal dentist and founder of Thames Dental & Skin Clinic in Thames Ditton, Surrey, smiling confidently at the camera, showcasing her expertise in providing high-quality dental care and facial aesthetic treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can Light Eyes help with?

Puffiness, swelling and bags around the eyes

Dark circles under the eyes

Mid face skin (tightening and lifting)

Superficial wrinkles and dry skin associated with premature ageing

Loss of skin elasticity

What to expect with nucleofil eyes treatment?

The treatment itself only takes 15 – 30 minutes and is performed whilst you are in a comfortable position. Dr Bravis will perform the Nucleofill procedure by puncturing the needle around the eyes and introduce the preparation in several places. This procedure is performed with anaesthesia.

When will I see results?

The effects are visible after the first treatment, but the whole series is recommended. Most often, 2-3 treatments are performed at intervals of 2-3 weeks. After the series, 1 treatment is recommended to maintain the effect every six months.

What are the ingredients?

The main component of this treatment, Polynucleotides, comes from natural origins, which virtually eliminates the risk of allergies. Polynucleotides increase skin elasticity and stimulate collagen production whilst deeply hydrating the targeted area.

What can I do and not do after the treatment?

You do not need to book time off work, there is usually no downtime. However, we do advise that you avoid strenuous exercise in the gym or swimming pool for at least one week, including visiting the sauna.

What is the difference between dermal fillers under the eyes and Nucleofil eyes treatment?

The hyaluronic acid filler is designed to fill in any tissue defects. On the other hand, Nucleofill Soft Eyes stimulates the regeneration of damaged tissues, which results in a very natural, uninterrupted effect of skin reconstruction.

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