Unaesthetic Smile:
Causes, Symptoms and treatments

The perception of an attractive smile varies from person to person. However, certain dental imperfections, such as crooked teeth, missing teeth, gaps, broken teeth, malocclusion (misalignment of the bite), discoloured teeth, and receding gums, can affect how individuals perceive their own smiles. An appointment with our dentist, Dr Bravis, will allow for a thorough examination and the development of a personalised treatment plan to achieve the smile you desire.

Symptoms and causes

An unaesthetic smile can manifest in various forms, each with its unique characteristics that deviate from the perceived ideal. While beauty standards may vary across cultures and individuals, certain dental imperfections are commonly considered unappealing.

Symptoms of an unaesthetic smile may include:

Several factors can contribute to the development of an unaesthetic smile, such as:

  • Genetics, which can influence tooth size, shape, and alignment
  • Poor oral hygiene habits, leading to tooth decay and discolouration
  • Traumatic injuries that result in chipped, broken, or missing teeth
  • Prolonged thumb sucking or pacifier use during childhood
  • Untreated dental issues, such as malocclusion or bite problems
  • Ageing, which can cause tooth wear, shifting, and discolouration
  • Certain medications that may affect tooth development or colour
  • Lifestyle habits, such as smoking or consuming staining foods and beverages


It is important to note that while some dental imperfections may be purely cosmetic, others can have functional consequences, impacting speech, chewing, or oral health. Consulting with a skilled dental professional can help identify the underlying causes of an unaesthetic smile and develop a personalised treatment plan to address both aesthetic and functional concerns.

Related treatments

At Thames, our team offers a range of treatments to address various aspects of an unaesthetic smile, including:

When to see a dentist?

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your smile or if dental imperfections are impacting your confidence, our team is here to help. Schedule a consultation with Dr Bravis to discuss your concerns and explore personalised treatment options.

Dr Theodora Bravis, principal dentist and founder of Thames Dental & Skin Clinic in Thames Ditton, Surrey, smiling confidently at the camera, showcasing her expertise in providing high-quality dental care and facial aesthetic treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes an unaesthetic smile?

An unaesthetic smile can be caused by various factors, including tooth discoloration, misalignment, gaps, missing teeth, and gum recession.

How can dentists improve the appearance of an unaesthetic smile?

Dentists can improve the appearance of an unaesthetic smile through treatments such as teeth whitening, orthodontic treatment, dental bonding, dental implants, gum contouring, and porcelain veneers.

Can an unaesthetic smile impact self-confidence?

Yes, individuals with an unaesthetic smile may experience low self-confidence and self-esteem, leading to social difficulties and reluctance to smile.

Are there non-invasive treatments available for improving an unaesthetic smile?

Yes, treatments such as teeth whitening and dental bonding offer non-invasive solutions for enhancing the appearance of an unaesthetic smile. These treatments can provide noticeable results with minimal discomfort or downtime.

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